Before We Start…

Before we start individual goals and objectives for psychotherapy or counselling will be identified and discussed in a shared process. Useful methods, duration and intervals of sessions will be agreed on. Sometimes a few sessions can supply impulses for positive beneficial changes. In other cases a long term co-operation is required to generate the basis for substantial personal development.

Fees and cancellation conditions will be agreed on at the outset. Costs might be covered by a private health insurance policy. Please ask your insurer for details or refer to the terms and conditions of your contract. Your public health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) will not usually bear any costs.

Should psychotherapy be needed to deal with the consequences of experienced violence (independently of how long ago this occurred) you might be entitled to funds from the Stiftung Opferhilfe Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony victims’ support fund) or Fonds Sexueller Missbrauch (supplementary support fund for survivors of sexual abuse). I will be pleased to inform and assist with the application.

You are welcome to contact me for an initial consultation (reduced fee) to discuss your request in detail and get a personal impression.