Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

Every crisis includes chances for personal development in finding new ways of coping with symptoms, dealing with problems, working on life issues and coming closer to being the person only we ourselves can be.

In psychotherapy and counselling I offer support in this process on the grounds of Systemic Therapy and a holistic approach. This can include issues of partnership and family, working environment, health or coping with trauma and stress. A complementary look at nutrition, sleeping habits, physical or emotional imbalances and lifestyle aspects can also be of benefit.

Couples and Family Therapy and Counselling

Partnership conflicts and difficulties are more than just problems. They provide opportunities for individual personal development side by side and feeling more comfortable in life. I assist either partner to detect and put into practice important steps along this way.

Couples seeking ways of dealing with conflicts in a non-violent way are welcome.

A basic principle of Systemic Therapy is that every problem or symptom makes sense and shows some kind of benefit if looked at within the context of the (family) system. In a shared process I support you and your family in discovering the sometimes hidden benefits, finding healthier alternatives and putting them into practice. Your talents, personal potentials and preferences will form the basis.

Trauma Therapy

In Trauma Therapy my aim is to support you entering a careful and self-controlled process of dealing with symptoms, reprocessing events and coming to terms with traumatic experiences in the past. These might be linked to childhood sexual abuse, (sexual) assault, domestic violence, traumatic medical treatment, accidents or life in an area of conflict. EMDR, TRIMB® and a variety of other approaches will help facilitate the process. Therapy starts with identifying ways to increase security, stability and moments of joy in your everyday life to be prepared for this in the best possible way.

Bereavement and Grief Counselling

On losing loved ones or experiencing other drastic changes in life we might go through feelings of grief, despair, anger and other powerful feelings, sometimes appearing unexpectedly. At times we can hardly make sense of what is happening. Providing support expressing your feelings, adjusting to new ways, dealing with questions of sense and meaning I will accompany you through all stages.

Extraordinary Experiences Counselling

Unusual experiences like a near-death experience, a feeling of extrasensory perception, a seemingly realistic dream or a sense of precognition can be unsettling occurrences. It can be useful to explore the meaning of these events in your life, even discover beneficial potential and in some cases gain certainty that no medical treatment is necessary. I am pleased to support you in all this.